Rail Services


Remanufacturing capabilities and Industrial Rail Realty’s trackwork expertise enable us to give your own specifications with excellent trackwork. Whether you require new rail, recycled railing, Other Track Material (OTM), complete turnout bundles or a single trackwork part, our facilities can meet your requirements.

As an authorized distributor for Evraz Rocky Mountain Steel and ArcelorMittal, we can supply rail lengths that are customized to fulfill your requirements Colorado — and take new railroad stock at two steel mill locations.

If you’re in the market for OTM, our stock is located strategically across Canada and the USA so you may receive stuff quickly.

We also benchmark recycled railroad — or “relay rail” — and OTM to meticulous business standards. Industrial Rail Realty will buy or exchange including switch stands and railroad, plates, frogs, points.


Industrial Rail Realty Services mobile take crews are prepared to put their experience to work cleaning up the right of way or retiring track up. Our fleet of trucks are capable of pulling on cars, and is equipped with reverser boxes enabling speed reverse motions. 100 miles or whether its 1 mile, we’ve got equipment to get the job and the crews.


Do not throw your money away! OTM, the Rail & is not currently doing any good sitting there. Contact us and we can show you how you can maximize the value of OTM & your Rail.

Industrial Rail Realty Services offers ways to maximize the value of your content. We’ve got expertise and the equipment to deliver the content to our facility that is sorting or sort on site. There, we’ve got the capacity to unload, sort, inspect and grade your material. Additionally, we’ve got the capacity to Ultrasonically Test (UT) your relay rail to be certain that there are no flaws going back into monitor.