Locomotive Engines

EMD 1010 T4 Locomotive Engine


Developed with the combined engineering experience of Progress Rail and Caterpillar, our EMD 4,500 BHP 1010™ engine accomplishes world-class fuel efficiency while meeting U.S. EPA Tier 4 emissions standards.

SUSTAINABILITY – Meets EPA Tier 4 standards without urea after-treatment.

ENGINEERED FOR FUEL SAVINGS  – Meets Tier 4 emissions standards with gas efficiency.

DOUBLE-WALLED FUEL INJECTION SYSTEM – Security and maintenance increased.

TWO-STAGED TURBOCHARGING – EMD turbos are custom designed to maximize locomotive performance across environments that are operating.

EMD 710 Locomotive Engine


We have designed and produced over 75,000 EMD engines — surpassing any locomotive maker, to make the fleet . Medium speed engines, both cycle are available for locomotive applications and marine, drilling, power generation. The EMD 710 Series motor is available in 8-, 12-, 16-, and 20-cylinder configurations with constant power ratings from 2,000 to 5,000 horsepower. Leveraging continuous investments and our experience, we’ve improved the EMD 710 engine using innovative technologies for current and new locomotives. We’re recognized worldwide for setting railroad industry standards for reliability and performance, and delivering efficiency for our clients. We apply the design procedure that is exceptional to our motors for drilling marine or electricity generation utilization.


  • Superior reliability means the 710 engine can function more than three years without having a road collapse, setting the bar for the railroad industry
  • Lightweight medium-speed motor
  • Custom design and integration for enhanced performance across a wide range of working environments
  • Inherently emissions friendly and fuel efficient
  • ease of maintenance and reduced overhaul prices
  • Low lube oil consumption and oil changes based on scheduled sampling
  • Quickly reaches full power providing superior adhesion control throughout wheel slide events for AC freight locomotives
  • Robust, service-proven design with unmatched durability
  • Largest installed fleet and common parts supply reduced material, labor, tooling and training costs
  • New EMD engine technologies can be retrofit on existing models to