Rail Welding

With over 25 million welds Indusrial Rail Realty has performance and rail welding and we continue to develop gear and welding applications for clients around the world. We have designed and manufactured rail welding equipment that exceeds performance expectations with coverage choices — now for a long time to come.

Our plant and welding components feature control systems for productivity and a design. From systems to interfaces and — our welders are designed to be user friendly — with the process controls accessible. The units are also equipped allowing our technicians to troubleshoot and complete software updates.

Supplementing our welding components is welding service gear and our fleet of rail trains, rail unloading. We offer a variety of stationary and portable plant alternatives, including welding systems for welding, and welders that are portable mounted track, for welding on or off to terrain excavators. Moreover, a complete variety of heads are available for welding railings that are pre-installation or performing your path projects that are distressing.

Working with our affiliate EO Paton, a head welder has been developed by us when welding turnouts in tight spaces, for our units, which may be used together with our boom trucks. Our AC welders have pullers for closure welds, expanding our offering of fully integrated heads that were 180-ton, excavator and protracted boom units mounted welders.